Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update, and a pop quiz. (No pressure.)

So I worked 3rd shift last week, and was supposed to work 1st shift again this week... That lasted one day before I was moved to the other plant, and shifted up to 2nd shift. And tonight I ended up working a 12-hour shift, getting off work at 1am. It really wasn't bad at all though, I enjoyed the line that I was on tremendously! However, my bony booty is sore from having to sit on a metal stool (BTW: Really, Body Fat? There's plenty of you in my stomach and thighs, couldn't you relocate just a little to my ass?), and I can't go to bed until the laundry finishes at least the first cycle in the dryer. I really wish some stuff didn't have to go through twice before being dry enough to actually wear... (I also wish *someone* in the household would notice they are ALMOST out of something rather than panicking the night before or the day it is needed and they have nothing clean. But that's another battle better left unfought for now.)

ANYHOO, if you're wondering why I've been slacking on posting lately, that's why. Work, and sleep. Sorry. (But also, chill.)

Just to tide you over a little right now, I'll assure you that I haven't been totally neglecting this in thought. I recently started going back through my MySpace blog (shut up.) to see what is salvageable before I delete that profile. I would have deleted it long ago if not for the fact that THAT blog got me through a tremendously difficult time in my life, providing an outlet where I felt I had none. Perhaps it's the hoarder in me coming out, but I am pretty attached to some of those posts, and am considering whether or not to post some of them in their entirety over here. Of course they'll be a couple years old, but once you read them you'll see where I'm coming from. Or I could just post a general synopsis of what was going on in my life in the days of the MySpace blog.

Any thoughts, comments, opinions? You're the ones that will be reading, after all (hopefully)...
So in this case I'm seriously requesting honest feedback from my dear blog-reading friends. How would you like me to handle this situation?


  1. You can't generalize a former post and maintain its absolute meaning. If your point is to share with us where you are coming from you should re-post blog entries in their entirety. It is scarry and you will be tempted to change/add/deleate/justify but you must not give in. Also sharing the actual thing that was written helps you work through what was going on then as well as what is going on now because you won't re-post unless there is a current connection and since there is s connection you will debate whether or not it is the right one to post and if it makes you too vulnerable.

    Btw I am hoarding my myspace blog :)

  2. Completely agree with C! (whoever she/he is, she/he is a wise person). also, "work and sleep, sorry (also, chill). haha that could have been directed completely toward me. i was checking like a crackhead until, like, precisely the day you posted this! Lol! (see what I did there?)

  3. lol Liz, I DO see! <3 you.

    Also, I believe you and C are totally right. Now I've just gotta find the guts (and energy) to figure out what's relevant, then do something about it