Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well played, Baby G.

So I've made it to the 38 week mark, and I still don't hate this! I do, however, hate that at my appointment today my blood pressure was elevated enough to warrant a 24-hour urine collection and BEDREST. Super fun stuff. I can handle peeing in a jug for a day, that's whatever. But what I really wish Baby G understood was that today was the first day I was really going to be able to start my *get shit done* phase. Last week I finally finished out my last day of work (yay!), then my sister came to stay with me for a few days since she was out of school. The plan was for us to get some packing done, but instead we preferred a bunch of lazy days watching movies and chowing down on junk. I stand by that decision.

Today's plan was for me to go to the doctor appointment, then go home and get busy catching up on cleaning, laundry, and more baby-clothes sorting. (...I've accumulated quite a bit...). Little by little this week I was going to knock out some projects, as much as swelling and shortness and breath allowed. Instead I was ordered specifically to "keep my ass in bed." No cleaning, no dishes, no laundry, no going to Walmart, no driving around to relieve boredom, just "ass in bed." I love my doctor's blunt honesty and sense of humor, but I know to take this seriously. It's just highly unfortunate timing I guess. I'll take the little brown jug back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon and get blood drawn, then have to go back to bedrest until my follow-up appointment Friday morning. Hopefully all will be fine then, and I can carry on with my original plan to *get shit done.* But in the meantime, I *can't do shit.*

Thankfully my mom will be staying with me until it's baby time, although she'll still be going to work during the day. For however long I'm on bedrest, she'll be the one *doing shit* for me. After baby is born I'll be moving in with her, and she'll be taking off of work to help me out. Between her and my sister, I should have plenty of assistance and opportunity to rest. I'll stay there until I either kind of adjust to life with a newborn or simply can't tolerate living with other people anymore. I love my family, but I'm more likely to hit that second threshold first. I very much enjoy living on my own, and I've always been a person who likes to be left alone to do my own thing. But I know that a new baby will likely be a bit overwhelming, and considering my history of depression I accept that I could definitely use the help and support dealing with all this without the husband available for backup.

Speaking of Hubby, he's currently in his school and set to graduate next month. Hopefully he'll get to come home for Thanksgiving, so right now I'm just hoping with all my might that Baby G arrives before then. She's due the week before (as in next week...) and my doc generally won't induce before 42 weeks without it being absolutely necessary. So I hope she comes on time or early, because if Hubby does get to come home I'd rather it be to our sweet new baby girl than a very large wife that's a little, um, on edge... or screaming obscenities in a hospital.

Well folks, that's all for now!