Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I must really be on a roll, here.

**I'll be working 3rd shift this week, starting Wednesday, so I'm trying to adjust my sleep schedule *again.* The only reason I say this is so that you won't judge me for my indignation at being awakened at 3:30 pm.**

Today I got up around 11 am, ate, watched a horrible movie which I am POSITIVE that I've seen before but sure don't remember when it was, wished I had remembered watching it because then I would have remembered not to watch it again but now it's too late because I'm already watching it so I might as well finish it, read a little, then went back to bed around 1:30. Eventually Hubby came home, came into the bedroom and woke me up (as he always does when I'm trying to sleep...), chatted with  me for a bit, grabbed the laptop and went back into the living room. I heard our dog (who shall from now on be referred to as The Princess, despite being male) moving around quite a bit so I thought to myself as I was drifting back off to sleep "Huh, he's probably gotta go outside." I heard The Hubby grumbling at him before taking him outside, but then I was completely out and heard nothing else.

So when my phone rang around 3:30 I was a little surprised to see it was The Hubby calling. I was about to growl at him for being lazy enough to call me from another room in the house (not that big of a house, ya'll!), but then I remembered that none of that other stuff had happened. It was just a dream. Sonofabitch.

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