Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Teh Kittehs.

This is The Pants. A.K.A. Miss Pants, Fancy Pants, and [actual name here]. First kitty of our household, 5 years old, much loved.

She is our lovey lap kitty, who we can always hear coming because she seriously just crashes through the house, destroying everything in her path. Loud noise in the middle of the night? Pants is on the move! I thought kitties were supposed to be graceful and stealthy, but if she has to walk past anything you can almost guarantee she's not going to miss running into it or knocking it over. She is also the one I have to battle for computer access most often, and she is the most frequent reason for random google searches... I have no idea what ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;l;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;" means to her, but apparently it is extremely important to find out. Also, I love how she manages to get *three* paws up there for this picture, but her other back leg was all splayed out. Sometimes she manages to steal the cursor from me, and we have an epic battle where only one individual (me, in case you need the clarification) cares about the outcome.

And this wondrous mass of fur and bliss is the 2-year-old Juggabutt, and she's an idiot. This is her absolute favorite position other than The Hubby's left leg. When sitting on The Hubby's lap, she *only* lays on his left leg.

She is also known as Jugga, The Dinosaur, [Actual name]-osaurus, and of course, [actual name here]. She is best known for a few things: Scurrying through the house going "Reh-eh-eh" or trilling/chattering while she does so (the scurrying-while-chunky is what got her nicknamed "Juggabutt", as in "Quit juggabuttin' around!"), the chattering she does anytime she's irritated, and getting stuck. What "stuck" means for her is that she runs into another room, stops somewhere, and cries the most pitiful kitty cry until someone comes and "rescues" her by picking her up. We are rewarded by almost immediate purring, and she is one of the loudest-purring cats I've ever heard in my life. She tends to get stuck in the bathroom, either on the toilet (we have to keep the lid down, otherwise she plays in the water... then tracks it all over the house and onto our laps) or in the bathtub.

This little game may also be referred to as hide-and-seek, but we started referring to it as her being stuck because The Pants was first to discover the game when she'd jump on top of the fridge and not want to get down by herself. However, instead of the pitiful kitty cries, The Pants would just say "Hurrrrroooo? Hurrroooo? Woe, woe..." Seriously. Clearly she's able to get down on her own, since she does all the damn time. Every once in a while, however, she just doesn't want to.

But seriously, I thought cats were supposed to be all snooty, elegant, graceful... Between Pants's clumsiness and Juggabutt's constant chatter-commentary while running through the house we only have quiet kitties when they're sleeping. Even then there's no telling if they're gonna fall off whatever perch they're sleeping on. I do adore my kitties, maybe because of all their craziness and faults.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd post something fun to balance out that last one, which certainly wasn't so fun. Maybe one day I'll be able to joke lovingly about The Princess like this.

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