Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dear "The Office,"

Hi. I am a big fan of the American version of your show.  I'm sure I would also be a fan of the original British version had I ever watched it, but alas, I never have. Perhaps if I had, I would have become a fan of the whole shebang sooner than a couple months ago.

You see, what has kept me from watching all this time is the person playing Michael Scott. I have harbored a healthy (perhaps not-so healthy, really) dislike for Steve Carell for... well, pretty much forever. He seems to play the same character no matter what he is doing, and although it obviously has worked very well for him, I hate that character. Very strongly. It causes a serious, visceral reaction, where I want to growl and throw something at the screen. I still feel this reaction when it comes to his "work," but things have changed. I have made this exception.

A few months ago, Dear Hubby began watching the show on Netflix. It was on our only TV constantly, and since we have a smallish house and Dear Hubby considers ear-blasting to be the only acceptable volume level I simply could not escape either the sight or sound of it. He had expressed surprise from the beginning that I didn't like the show, since it definitely seemed to match my sense of humor. Turns out, he was right... once immersion in the show helped me to focus on the other characters, who are AWESOME, I came to love the show. Granted, I still wanted to punch Steve Carell in the face, but I was more easily able to overlook his antics and appreciate the way other characters interacted with him.

Imagine my dismay tonight when I tuned in to a new episode (Super amazing, by the way!! Loved it!!), and finally discovered Will Ferrell would definitely be replacing Carrell. The anticipation/dread has been building since I heard he would be leaving, because I have only just gotten to where I can tolerate him, and could only see things getting worse with the new "boss". I had no idea. The only person I hate worse than Steve Carrell is Will Fucking Ferrell. Well, Will Fucking Ferrell, Tom Cruise, and Sean Connery (I know, that one seems blasphemous to many but it's a long story...). But I knew there was no chance the replacement would be Misters Cruise or Connery, and I had heard the rumors about Ferrell. My only consolation is that Will Ferrell will only be *temporary*--rumors are that Will Arnett will eventually be moving into the position, and I'm okay with him. But still... I'm not sure how many episodes will be featuring Douchecanoe Ferrell, so I don't know how many chunks of hair will be missing from my head by the time he's gone. I can only hope that my schedule will be such that I am simply unable to watch. Please remember your reluctant fans when it comes to casting in the future. I'm sure I will eventually cave into the curiosity and watch these dreaded episodes, but please understand that it will be past folded arms and narrowed eyes. Best of luck!

The ZB

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