Monday, March 21, 2011


So... been messing around on the computer pretty much all day. Trying to get this blogging thing figured out, but I keep getting sidetracked. I was checking out some of the stuff that Google Reader recommends for me based on what I'm already reading. Some of the recommendations are right up my alley, some not so much... I enjoy quite a few different "genres" of blog topics, so I'm sure poor Google Reader doesn't quite know what to recommend to me.

These were some of the posts that showed up as suggestions today (Note: These are blog/article titles, not the titles of the hosting websites, and you should also most definitely click on them):
Things You Shouldn't Put In Your Vagina
How Pee Helps Us Understand Social Media
Photos of Basset Hounds Running (And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.)

HOW DID THEY KNOW!?!? I may be in love... There were some truly amazing pages recommended, in any case, so maybe I can try making sharing the awesomeness I come across a semi-regular thing that I do.

However, Reader also assumes I'm interested in blogs about cooking and tech stuff, so I know they are DEFINITELY capable of making errors in judgement.


  1. Basset Hounds running is AWESOME!!! i'm going to save all those pictures and make them my screen saver!!

  2. This is so not relevant but I had to share!
    I have been having trouble reading today: The "Skeptic's Guide to Pirates" was actually Pilates; "Genetic mutations" was actually malformations.

    This is Crystal btw :D (I posted the post above too...or below... I don’t know how your posts post is the one saying I’m going to make a screen saver)

  3. Awesome, because now I can just reply to BOTH comments at the SAME TIME!! Magic.
    1. I was totally surprised by the Basset Hounds page... It caused actual out-loud laughter. Made my day!
    2. I would love to read "Skeptic's Guide to Pirates." Maybe you could work on that. Maybe it could even be adapted into a TV show, with a very educational British voice narrating. I see great potential here.
    Also, HI CRYSTAL!! *Waves excitedly*