Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things from my car.

I am not the neatest or most organized person in the world. Especially when it comes to my car. My car has seen a lot of road trips, fast-food meals, and sports a bizarre collections of napkins, receipts, peppermints, and soda and water bottles. Seriously, there are napkins everywhere. The glove box and console are crammed full. It also contains a plate that had once carried food over to a barbecue a couple years ago, and once returned months later never quite made it back into the house. It did find a new home in the trunk, though, after spending a considerable amount of time in the back seat. At one point my 18-year-old brother was trying to sit in the back seat without breaking anything or contracting any diseases and even he, who leaves a trail of mess everywhere he goes, said "What the fuck, Beth?"

Recently my car also began sporting a funky new smell, which finally convinced me it was time to end my poor vehicle's suffering and clean it out. 

These were the treasures I pulled out.

Except for the cat. She just wouldn't get out of the picture.
In this glorious pile you will note there is a 13-gallon trashbag. It is full of trash pulled out of the car, including the actual trash bag from the tiny trash can I keep stuffed in the floorboard behind the passenger seat to keep the car clean. Ahem. Unfortunately it overflowed long ago. It turns out the ungodly stench was coming from the remains of a Mocha Moolatte from Dairy Queen (my mecca), which had spilled out of the trashcan and into the floorboard. I've spot-cleaned and Febrezed the shit out of it, so here's hoping the smell has been vanquished.

Please also note a scarf, a Bobble (water bottle with a built-in filter, which is awesome when you live in a town with usually yellow or brown water with floaties in it), an old gas bill (paid!), a pair of sandals worn once to change into after being in heels all day, a maroon 3-quarter-sleeve shirt I had changed out of in the car (was wearing a tank top underneath, so no free-boobing occured), a collection of CD cases including Korn, two different Five Finger Death Punch CDs, The Ting Tings (a most unfortunate and highly regretted purchase, I'll admit), and City And Colour. I'm a little inconsistent in favorite musical genres... Underneath that pile is a sweater I had bought for an ugly Christmas sweater party. You can just barely see one of the snowmen on the front of the sweater amidst the other crap. (When purchasing the monstrosity, I ran into a lady I used to work with. She thought it was cute. *facepalm*) Just to the left of that pile you'll see a collection of wrapped-up Coca-Cola glasses from McDonald's (the fourth one is currently being used to hold toothbrushes.) 

The tissue-paper-wrapped package to the left of those contains a couple of Christmas ornaments bought after Christmas that hadn't made it inside yet, either. Then there's the box of something I feel may be car-related, but although it's been happily stationed in MY car for months. The Hubby is keeping pretty vague these days on what its purpose was supposed to be. Probably because I've asked him a million times before and then promptly forgot his response, other than "Just keep it in there, I'll get to it later. It's no big deal." My fingers are crossed, how 'bout yours? On top of that is a cute notebook that I just had to have to make notes in, despite having other notebooks floating around and hating the fact that cute notebook is wide-ruled instead of my preferred college-rule. I always feel like I'm in kindergarten again when using wide-ruled paper. That poor, bare notebook.

The astonishing thing, though, is the amount of crap I left in the car. I didn't even touch the glove box and center console. My car is still sporting two different ice scrapers, an obnoxiously large umbrella, a tiny air compressor in case of low tires, a collection of pennies that I never, and I mean never think to use, and that goddamn plate is still in the trunk.  

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