Sunday, February 19, 2012

Have you missed me?

Hello, Blog, it's me. It's been a while, and a funny thing happens when I ignore the call of blogging for a while. The amount of things I could write about continues to grow, so I keep putting it off because I don't know where I should start anymore.

I mentioned already that we have moved back into our house. We've been functioning fairly well without any kitchen appliances other than our fridge and a microwave, but we've also been strongly feeling that we're spinning our wheels. I had been working days and The Hubby had been working second shift, so there wasn't a lot of time being devoted to working on the house. Then I started working second shift too, but still. Weekends were focused on relaxing and spending time together, because we had absolutely zero energy for anything else. However, this meant we'd been spending all this time without moving any closer to our goal of finishing the house. So there went Plan A: doing the work on the weekends. We don't have much time left before The Hubby leaves for boot camp, so it's been time to kick Plan B into place: The Hubby became a Househubby.

But don't go thinking he's just spending all his time loafing around and watching the complete Dragon Ball Z series on DVD since he quit his job. I've gotta hand it to him--he's been kicking ass and handling shit like a BAMF, running errands and taking care of business while I'm at work. I'm pretty sure the only reason the whole house isn't already finished is because it was raining off and on all last week. Not anything major, but enough to be irritating and prevent them from hauling too much in the back of the truck. One of the bigger tasks we have to accomplish is installing a new front door in a place where there wasn't one already. So again, the rain and chilly weather kind of puts a damper on things like that. But a wall in the living room is sporting new drywall, we now have a cabinet for the kitchen sink, the rest of the lower kitchen cabinets have been ordered, we have a counter top, and this week we'll finally have a kitchen stove. Yay!

I think that at this rate *hopefully* it could be finished within the next couple of weeks. I just want for it to be done early enough that The Hubby can enjoy the amazing work he's put into it before he has to leave. I wish we had had the means to do all this sooner, without the "means" having come as a result of a devastating flood. I'm so happy with the way it's turning out, but at the same time I know that we'll be selling it soon.


  1. Finally watching second season of archer. Relevant quote: "what part of highly classified do you not understand?" "Umm, all of it"
    Miss you :(

  2. Aww, I miss you too! And one of the best things about Archer is the number of quotes that can be applied to any situation, however inappropriate the result may be sometimes. ("Because THAT'S how we get ants!")