Monday, January 16, 2012

(boop BEEP.)

It's been another crazy couple of weeks. Although I wasn't moved back into my house by December 31st as I had hoped, we did manage to get back in on January 2nd, while we were both still off work for the holiday weekend. It was kind of rough for a couple of days, adjusting to the "new" digs, but it's so nice to be back in our own home again.  We only just got our internet connected this weekend. I've been dying.

The next day was the start of my first "full" week (even if it was only a 4-day work week) at the new job. It's been all kinds of crazy, and extremely stressful with loooong days of chaotic work and not seeing The Hubby, but there's been a few moments of pure, unadulterated comedy to marginally lighten the load.

A little lead-up: We (my fellow supervisor/friend and I) were scheduled to attend a webinar discussing an updated technology we were to begin using. It did not go well, but I took notes regardless. It was just too good not to record for posterity. What follows are the notes I took... complete with the written version of the sound effects liberally sprinkled throughout the 10-minutes of disaster.

"This is Person A*, NOT Person B* (names redacted to protect the unfortunate.)

Star 6 mutes your phones. DO IT. (boop BEEP.) (boop BEEP.)

(boop BEEP.) Introduction of Blah Blah. 

Or not.

Maybe. We're not sure yet. (boop BEEP.)

Again, this is Person A, NOT person B.

Star 6 mutes your phones, people. (boop BEEP.) (boop BEEP.) (boop BEEP.) Good God please mute your damn phones.

We MAY HAVE lost connectivity to the webinar. (boop BEEP.)

Oh, the dismay. (boop BEEP.) There's a CONFLICT!!  (boop BEEP.)

(boop BEEP.)

("You can't hear me, can you?")

At this point, he (an attendee somewhere else in the world) is just facking with everyone. "Jeopardy!" "Tagalongs!" "They're having some problem, I don't know. She's gonna have to go to lunch or something. . . I hope we're on mute." (boop BEEP.)

We have "sharing issues." We may have to reschedule. (boop BEEP.)"

I cannot stress enough how frequently the boop BEEP occurred throughout this, as well as everything else. If I wrote it, it's because it was repeated over and over again. Seriously, there was this one guy that came in a little late and somehow didn't get the thoroughly covered tip that star 6 would mute your phone. But with all the other boop BEEPs going on, for a while all we could hear was random interjections about TV shows and cookies.  Coworker and I could not stop laughing through all of this. At least we had immediately muted our phone...

Honestly, this was the best webinar I've ever attended in my life. And it never even got past the first slide.

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