Friday, December 2, 2011

Love, "Beth-not-Dana"

I had a real *headdesk* moment earlier today. You know how I've been applying for different jobs? Well, I got a call back from one today. Unfortunately, she had called the wrong number. But in the good news department, now I have a new nemesis, and her name is Dana. Dana the Job Stealer. (Maybe it's just "Interview Hoarder," but "Job Stealer" makes it easier for me to shake my fist at her while scowling.) So Dana? Whoever you are, you better have ROCKED my interview and got the job. If I can't have it, I at least want to know it went to a worthy foe.



  1. How frustrating to get that call and then be let down!

  2. Definitely... I keep telling myself that at least I have a job at the moment, even if it's not getting me much of a paycheck. This stinks, but I guess it could always be worse! *knock on wood*