Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scratch that.

I just had this long post that I'd been working on talking about what's been going on lately, but it was too gripey and long-winded. So I deleted it. I complain too much.

Here's all that matters from the past few weeks. The factory job ended Saturday. That made me sad. On Monday Manpower said they had no jobs available at the moment. That also made me sad, and stressed. However, I was too busy not sleeping/desperately trying to sleep to worry about that too much. This made me exhausted, and sick as well--sore throat/sinus problems. Wednesday they called and said they had a job at a call center starting the next morning. That made me happy and stressed. It went well the first couple days, and in any case it's a paycheck for the next four weeks or so. That made me happy.

Saturday I spent the day with The Family to celebrate The Mother's upcoming birthday, and had a blast. And ate freshly baked cookies. Between all of us nomming on the deliciousness, none of the batch ever made it to the cooling rack. I also got some exercise walking around a "historical village," but I quickly negated the exercise by eating an enormous meal. That meal was also delicious.  In two weeks we'll be traveling to see The Oldest Younger Brother graduate from basic training (Navy). That makes me happy.

I've been having serious problems with my phone. That makes me sad.

I stopped slacking long enough to post this after not posting for a while. That makes me happy. 

And at least I'm temporarily employed. That makes me happy. 

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